15 January 2010

back on the wagon @ Public Assembly, Williamsburg

In their secret lair hidden deep below the G Train's river of subway juice, seaflux has been hard at work, attempting to sequence the genome of a special kind of jam-powered helper-monkey. Yet, sadly, after slaving over hot monkey brains for months on end, their efforts refused to bear fruit.

In an attempt to forget the sting of failure (not to mention the smell of burning rhesus monkey), seaflux will take the stage at Public Assembly only two weeks into the New Year.

Remember how you made that New Year's resolution to expose yourself to more groin-grabbingly good rock music? seaflux wants to help you reach your goal of having an excellent January to start things right.

Bundle up, gird your loins, and come join us in Williamsburg for hot jams (and fresh monkey kababs).