Cloud Solutions

Our expert-level knowledge of the Amazon AWS ecosystem allows us to design your business or organization a redundant, agile, high-performance cloud architecture.

We can advise you on security concerns, risk mitigation, and audit preparation, and have experience working with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance staff.

IT Automation

Modern, highly virtualized IT environments require a new approach to buildout. Creation of new instances in response to failure or scaling needs should be as automated as possible.

Our Puppet-based configuration managment tools allow us to automate anything from application deployments to multi-enviroment infrastructures.

System Monitoring

The same tools that provision servers can also configure the monitoring of those servers. Ensure that your systems team can know what's going on at all times, and can respond proactively to potential issues.

We'll help you select a suite of tools like Nagios, Cacti, AWS CloudWatch and others to ensure your infrastructure is up and running at all times.

Developer Operations

Source control and automated unit tests are just the beginning. A solid DevOps foundation lets your development team focus on what they do best. No matter your development process, from weekly releases to rolling release, we can develop a customized, automated build system that takes the guesswork out of deploys and reduces risk during new feature development.

We can help your team create build and deploy chains on Jenkins/Hudson, Travis or any other continuous integration toolit. Automatically build customized development VMs on-demand, so new coders can start contributing their first day.