08 December 2006


InsideOut is the story of an ordinary man who wakes up trapped. We struggle with Harold as he attempts to make sense of his new world, who he is, and why he's inside...

This music was created in its entirety for InsideOut, but in practice only a small subset was actually heard, as changes in pace and dialogue required edits in the original score. This is the full collection of pieces, complete and unedited, including a track or two that were never heard in the final version of the show.

InsideOut Production Credits

  • Created by Jason Pizzarello and Aaron Rhyne
  • Text by Jason Pizzarello
  • Direction by Aaron Rhyne
  • Produced by Live Project
  • Video by Linsey Bostwick and Aaron Rhyne
  • Industrial Designs by Daniel LiCalzi
  • Music and Sound by Phil Christensen
  • Lighting Design by Erich Bussing

With Performances by Maria Teresa Creasey, Maria McConville, Graham Skipper, and Steven Strafford

  1. overture
  2. awakening
  3. dana's theme
  4. what are you in?
  5. memories
  6. post
  7. static
  8. memories 2
  9. post 2
  10. realization
  11. post-realization
  12. memories 3
  13. sentimental memory response
  14. injured
  15. discovery
  16. skeptical child's play
  17. rain and thunder
  18. grief
  19. finale part 1
  20. finale part 2
  21. crash