08 December 2006


it's incredibly easy for musicians to say, "once this happens, i can do this other thing."

i've been trying to get (and keep) a band together for some time now, but the progress has been less than i had hoped. it seemed that every piece of music i wrote or recorded was just a demo for the band i was going to have. in addition, the unforgiving realities of my day job meant i didn't get nearly as much time to compose as i would like.

so this is what i have. this is what i like to do, and i think it sounds nice. this is me practicing, yes — but i'm hoping you won't mind. on one hand, you'll hear a few more mistakes than you might on a "real" album...on the other hand, i'm hoping the resulting freedom of this one-take, single-mic recording will illustrate some glimpse of things to come.

i'm also quite fond of the very live sound of me tapping pedals and toggling switches. ;-)

  1. in my head
  2. use me jam
  3. yamaha funk
  4. nass delay jam