23 May 2005

In the beginning of April, I got some friends and cohorts together to record a live ep, consisting of some of my “classics”. following a delusional miles davis complex, i decided not to give the players anything to listen to of the tracks we were about to record, so they only had one rehearsal before the big day.

i specifically wanted something filled with “the human element”, and i got exactly that. this was kind of my response to the sterilized studio environment at suny purchase, and i was very happy with the results…

  1. ghetto queen (Christensen)
  2. pathways (Christensen)
  3. who stepped on diz’s horn (Christensen/Wilson)
  4. harvest (Christensen/Hovish)
  5. if i could see (Christensen)

The players on this session were:

  • Matt Wilson, bass, co-author who stepped on diz’s horn
  • Josh Ballard, piano/organ
  • Rory Merola, drums
  • Mike Spivack, engineering, production assistance