21 October 2004

“wondershank” is probably too high for me to sing properly, but you get the idea…

  1. wondershank (Christensen)
  2. if i could see (Christensen)

i've been standing outside
for thirteen months and thirteen days
i'm waiting 'till the time is right
to shut my mouth and turn and walk away

i don't know if you can hear me
i don't know if you still care
i can think of things i'd rather do
but here i am, still waiting for you

i'm walking by our favorite haunts
and looking out for signs of you
i tell myself it's easier this way
soon enough i'll believe myself, too

time is never kind to those who wish for it to pass
and i've been wishing for a long, long, long time

if i could see

sit still and i'll tell you a story
written in some other place or time
told by those who wanted to remember
an echo of a song sung, so sublime

if i could see far into the future
would i see the outcome of our lives?
those things that tied us two together
and the words that cut us up like knives

i guess this told me something
but the truth was more than i could face
you can't convince someone to love you
but i couldn't think of how to go on living until today

to my chagrin the story ends here
there is no happy ending to this tale
we choose the battles we engage in
there are some tests you pass and some you fail

for now i'll watch you sleeping
and tell my friends i didn't really care
we always hurt the ones we cherish
so why am i the one who has an ego to repair?