24 September 2004

so, now that i’m formally studying again at suny purchase, i have lots more time to write, so hopefully i’ll be able to update more often. this is a new tune that i’m pretty happy with, although the track itself is kind of overproduced.

  1. i cuffed you a delicious bass (Christensen)
when i first saw your face, it was blurry and late
but i had a feeling that we would meet again
what i felt in my bones when we spoke on the phone
was akin to original sin

time it passed to slowly
but i was sure you were mostly
here for me

i got less than i wanted
more than i bargained for
you watched me come in
now watch me walking out the door

they loved you in greenwich, despite your apprentice
standing with his face in his hands
despite his objections you made your connections
and now you're off to explore other lands

you said you'd always love him
well, until you had options
it was true


will you listen my dear, there is nothing to fear
you can trust me..as you would a friend
of course your friends are all men, so in thinking again
maybe to trust isn't all i intend

of course if you asked nicely
you know i'd get there precisely
right on time