15 February 2004

as i understand it, there is a semi-legitimate condition called, “studio ear.” basically, when you’ve recorded and re-recorded a tune approximately 3 billion times, you start listening to and nitpicking every little thing. that definitely happened with the first two tunes i’m posting today. i’ve been working on these tunes for a couple of years, and they’ve gone through several incarnations. i decided to post them because, especially in the case of pathways, i’m getting pretty sick of playing them.

  1. pathways (Christensen)
  2. ghetto queen (Christensen)
  3. scattered thoughts (Christensen)

The third tune listed is a piano piece i wrote. it’s probably going to end up split into two parts, to be played by two pianos. of course, finding Serious Pianists™ that would want to play them is another issue altogether. ;-)

She's got the funk that keeps me sleepless every single night
The way she talks, the way she walks, it's something I can't fight
I can't avoid the reaches of her thrilling urban scene
I close my eyes, and surrender to my Ghetto Queen

She moves to someone else's beat, she won't listen to my own
Sitting here just watching her brings pain I've never known
I'd like to think I'll move along and find someone for myself
But every time she cracks a smile I put my heart back on the shelf

Time will pass and friends will ask if I've seen her since that day
Since the time I stood with her and gave my heart away
I'll turn off all emotion, become like a cold machine
Just one more loss, but what a cost to the Ghetto Queen