16 January 2004

so, although i did take some pleasure in my chosen title for this weblog, being the simpsons fanatic that i am, i decided that it sounds too much like some angsty goth kid's page of lamentations.

bubblehouse is relatively meaningless, except being the name of a mmw tune that i like a lot. i also figure it's good to have the title be connected with the domain name.

so i leave you with the following...

Homer: What's wrong with you?  What are you trying to hide from me...
       [Homer opens the door and sniffs]  What's that smell?  Onions...
       chili powder... cumin... juicy ground chuck?  It's chili!  Oh, my
       god, I'm missing the chili cook-off!  [whining, fidgeting] I'm
       missing the cook-off, it's going on right now, and I'm missing 

Marge: All right, I was trying to keep it from you, but I had a good
       reason.  Every time you go to that cook-off you get drunk as a
       poet on payday.

Marge asks him to remember last year.  In a flashback, we see an
obviously drunk Homer, a Duff in each hand, standing in the cotton-
candy machine.  "Look at me...I'm a puffy pink cloud." he mumbles,
before he climbs out of the machine and lies on the ground, where dogs
lick at him.

Back to the present.  Homer is shuffling around in the closet.

Homer: Well of course, everything looks bad if you remember it.  Now
       where are my chili boots?