15 January 2004

i really don't like it when i have to fill out a form to download something. it doesn't matter what the site asks for, or how much i want what they have to offer; i just don't like being forced to fill out a form before i check their stuff out.

however, as a webmaster/musician, there comes a time when you'd like to see who it is that is really paying attention to your work.

i've set up my mp3s so that when you download them, you're taken to a page where you can optionally fill out some information about yourself. it's kind of like a less obnoxious version of a guestbook.

oh, and this is for my use only. it's not going to be publicly posted, since things like that have a pretty large capacity for abuse. and if you do in fact want to leave your email address, you have my word that it won't be resold or anything like that.

so, if you would like to take the time to fill the form out, that'd be great, but if you have the same issues about them that i do, i understand. anyways, thanks for your time.