17 December 2003

So I’ve finally gotten a ProTools setup, after nearly two years of saying i was going to do it. My primary reason for doing so is that I’m applying to Purchase for the third time, and I needed to be able to put in some serious time behind the mike (or in my case, amp-modelling software pre-amp).

I had all these grand plans of getting this serious system, originally a Digi 002, or a motu 896HD, but although my new job affords me some excess of cash (at least, compared to the days of unemployment benefits), i still wasn’t going to be able to get something like that in time for the auditions. I settled on the mbox, which only has two inputs, but they’re pretty high-quality, and since i overdub everything anyways, it’s working out.

I’ve also been using some royalty-free samples I got my hands around, and it’s made my life much easier in the drum-sound department. This has, however, lent a distinct electronic/industrial flavor to some of my tunes.

Here’s the latest crop of compositions:

  1. Atmospheres (Christensen)
  2. sample (Christensen)
  3. light (Christensen)