17 July 2003

i had the beginnings of the interview process today with american express financial advisors. i'm rather torn over what to think about it, because it's not the kind of job i ever imagined myself doing. it's basically very much like a medical residency; you don't get paid shit to start, but if you get through the first two-to-three years, you'll be making around 100k.

i'm not concerned about the money. it's very exciting to think about making that much, but the part that kills me is that they told us straight out, "plan on working 60-65 hours a week for the first two years."

i really don't like working, and i especially don't like working 10 hours a day, six days a week. furthermore, doing so will make it very difficult to work on my music, or even look for another job. i feel like i should take it just because i need a job so bad, but i just don't think it's going to happen.

this is a career-type position, and it's set-up with the idea that it's only worth going through all the bullshit at first if you're going to continue in the industry. i really don't want to do this, because that means my career path will have to change from wanting to be in I.T., to being a financial advisor.

and shit, who really works 60 hours a week anyways? i did that at american music for six weeks and it nearly killed me. granted, you're making overtime, but sheeeit....