16 July 2003

i’m pretty stoked about phish’s evolution lately. it’s kinda funny; they have so many side projects going on, and it just seems to make them better and more solid as a band. look at their latest show:

7/15/03 West Valley Amphitheater, West Valley, UT
Set I:  AC/DC Bag,  Ya Mar,  Theme from the Bottom,  Saw it Again,  Poor Heart,  Two Versions of Me,  Secret Smile,  Mike’s Song>  I am Hydrogen>  Weekapaug Groove
Set II:  Mr. Completely>  Low Rider>  Big Black Furry Creature from Mars>  Buried Alive>  Big Black Furry Creature from Mars>  Ha Ha Ha>  Big Black Furry Creature from Mars>  Mr. Completely>  Spread It Round,  Walls of the Cave,  Golgi Apparatus,  Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore:  Sleeping Monkey

i was blown away when i first saw Mr. Completely come up, since it’s definitely one of my favorite trey band tunes. from there the set just went into outer space.

which brings me to my next thought, which is whether i should try to go to the Burgettstown, PA show on the 29th. i’m sure i could pick up a ticket on lot (there are many around on the extra ticket boards, and it may not even be sold out yet), but the issue that is going to decide this is primarily financial.

i have a couple of job interviews coming up (one today, actually), and i’m hoping i’ll have a job within the next two weeks. if i don’t, i’ll pretty much have to move back in with my parents (seinfeld was right; there is nothing about moving back home that indicates that your life is going in the right direction). however, if that does happen, i won’t need to pay this coming month’s rent, so i’ll be a little richer from the unemployment cashish…

i guess this is something i’ll decide on the 28th…