08 July 2003

sometimes, i admire vagrants. syracuse seems to have quite a lot of them downtown. i guess i don't think of this place as being that big, even though i guess it is. the truth is, nobody wants to be homeless, or otherwise forced to panhandle. but the prospect of only having one thing "to worry about" is alluring, at least in theory.

i've known various types of vagrants. there's the most obvious kind, aka the bums. but there's a few other variants, such as the lot trash that show up at every jamband concert, squatters in more metropolitan areas, or a more positive kind...maybe i'd call them hobos. the kind of person who drops everything and just decides to wander the earth ("like cain in kung-fu").

i find the idea enticing, especially since i really feel like i'm only a few steps above hobodom myself, what with the unemployment and all. of course, i'd want to wander like that only if i had a big enough fund so i could not have to worry about eating and stuff.

but then again, i guess that's the difference between hobo and traveler.