05 March 2000

Really, there's many things that I think make InnerSpace pretty cool. If you're still with me at this point, you rock. Here's some miscellaneous neat stuff:

  • All game objects (users, rooms, doors, etc.) are represented by one class. Any object can potentially be a container for other objects, though by default they are not. Objectshave a parent, which gets consulted if a selected property or verb isn't found on the child.
  • Every command entered by the user forks a new process to run the code in. That way a malicious (or stupid) user can't lock up the rest of the system, only it's verb call.
  • The Pyro (PYthon Remote Objects) package is used to allow child processes access to the world's objects. It's been rather elegantly hacked (I think) to allow a sort of verification by remote code, so the (yet unwritten) object editor can be a little easier to write, while still being fairly secure.
  • The InnerSpace client is still written in Java, which allows for easy distribution by applet or other platform-independent method.