30 June 2010

summer in the gritty @ Public Assembly, Williamsburg

Every once in a while, a musical event comes along that demands your participation. A chance to let loose with a massive bloc of high-energy rock bands is coming your way at high speed, and you only have a short time to prepare for the onslaught.

The mysterious and legendary Rockers' Union has emerged from the dank cesspool of the Metroland rock scene, and is proud to put on an event of biblical proportions.

June 30th at 8pm, a continuous sonic assault on the eardrums of all those brave souls willing and ready to brave the aural intensity will commence at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.

Come be a part of the legend while the incomparable seaflux revs up their engines, smashing various preconceptions at 8pm. Losing You to Tattoos will wrench your heart and rock your souls at 9pm, just before those dirty garage punks the Rakehells stagger up on stage around 10pm.

The tingling sensation continues when Undersea Explosion hits the stage at 11, followed by the unstoppable rock power of the Barrens.

Come on out and rediscover why local music is the best. A cosmically good time awaits all who make the journey, so mark this one down on your calendar, so you can count down every day until your life changes forever!!!